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Just like the bird that sings at night, the action of nightingaling means to cough, talk, or make any other kind of interruptive sound in order to alter the mood, or in extreme (but far more common than expected) cases, interrupt the sexual act of that couple which is a bit too loud and a bit too close and you are just trying to sleep.
Carlos : Sean! WTF? I was in the middle of something!
Sean: Well... I needed to sleep... so...
Carlos: You fuckin nightingaler! I HATE NIGHTINGALING
Sean: And she was my best friend you know!
Carlos: LOL
Sean: Idiot....
by Se St Se July 04, 2009
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a maneuver employed by people who are not big drinkers but go out to bars anyway. To nurse or take your time drinking a beer or other alcoholic beverage in an attempt to not get too drunk.
"Gary was nightingaling that one beer for the better part of an hour. I must have had four in the time it took him to drink one."
by chris jones esq. March 11, 2010
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