Receiving dome (head/blowjob/oral sex) from a black woman (or possibly a man).
Yo man, that bitch gave me some great niggerdome last night.
by blinky7 April 23, 2008
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From Chappelle's Show. Of or relating to actions of African Americans. Definitely not practiced by Clayton Bigsby.
Sir! I assure you I am not involved in any niggerdom!
by inane February 28, 2005
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Niggerdom- "To be in any way, shape, or form" be like a black man. As seen in Clayton Bigsby by Dave Chapel
"Sir! I am in no way, shape, or form involved in any niggerdom!"
by AKA thunder June 22, 2009
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A word that became popular via Chappelle Show in which it was used to make fun of racist white people and self-hating black people. It was actually created by scholars to talk about the state people are forced into by antiblack hate and racist oppression.
From slavery to Jim Crow to biased policing, being black in America has always meant living in a state of niggerdom.
by IKnowAllTheThings June 23, 2019
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To act upon any negative vibes given off by a member of the same sex, due to paranoia that the person is interfering in your relationship.

This can lead to verbal and/or physical abuse towards that particular person, in an extremely violent manner.

To go 'Brute force' using all your might and 'niggerdom' to mimic the ghetto behavior, normally shown by thugs.

Boy 1: 'Yo, I think this dude is making moves on my girl'

Boy 2: 'Merk that bitch then!'

Boy 1: 'I think I might have to go Brute Force Niggerdom on his ass'

by Raggid-E November 3, 2008
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