one of the coolest mother fuckers alive. posesses a huge dick, quite comedic, witty, and everyone loves chillin with this fucker.
1)Jon:"ey, what you doin cuz?"
Dave:"Nuthin, just chillin with Jones"
Jon:"Oh fuck! I'll be over in 20!"

2) Jen:"OMG, i just fucked Nick Jones..."
Christen:"What, was it bad?"
Jen:"No, best sex I've ever fucking had!"
by blazinallday420 May 22, 2009
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Cousin to the rapper Miike Jones--found dead in 2006 after his bitch tied him up and left, apparantly afta haven taken a shit on his chest. when discovered days later, the po-po found that he struggled, only for it to have it slided into his mouth and cause him to gag and aphixiate.
Shawn: yo- do' hear about that clown that got nick jones'd
Jamal: dat shit's wack--too bad that nigga's dead.
by ghostikilla October 23, 2007
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Nick Jones is the coolest kid in all of Orange High School. He's a ninja with a jewfro. He plays the saxophone and is king of calculator programming.
Person 1: Nick Jones...
Nick Jones: Yo.
by nonninjawithoutajewfro August 18, 2011
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The act of some skank-faced whore (or prozzie) taking a shit unexpectedly on you while banging.
Dude1: How'd your date go last night?
Dude2: Got her in the sack!
Dude1: Sweet!!
Dude2: Yeah playa it was fine until she pulled a fucking Nick Jones on my ball sack!!
by Scrazzer94 February 12, 2009
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