A feces scented pile of self righteous pricks who somehow still believe that the tooth fairy and Santa are real and that money comes out of their parents' asses.
Guy 1:Yo dude want to go to an Orange High School party and get totally wasted?
Guy 2:Nah man i would rather not stand around in some huge house and pretend to get wasted.
by memegods November 26, 2016
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Orange Lutheran High School , usually abbreviated as olu is a private high school where you can either find the nicest people, fakest people, rich kiddos, or biggest thots. Typically supports sports more than any other subject and anyone associated with cheer or football are the higher class, popular kids. Half of the kids aren’t even Christian
kid : i go to orange lutheran high school
other kid: you must be one rich mf
by toby maguire’s butt November 17, 2018
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orange lutheran highschool also known as olu located in orange, california is home to all of the virgins and instagram popular people it is basically social media school. students r either extremely innocent and don’t know what drugs are or are doing coke in the bathroom
oh u go to orange lutheran high school what is that
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Orange Glen High School (OG) is located in Escondido, CA. It is the most stereotyped school in the Escondido area. Rumors circulate about use of drugs on campus, gang fights, and prom babies. OG is located in a low income neighborhood that is mostly Hispanic, but the effect of this upon the school is not “ghetto”. OG is instead a culturally sensitive school with an amazingly dedicated staff. And although not perfect, OG does not pretend to be.
Janet: I’m sending my daughter to San Pasqual High School.

Gloria: What’s wrong with Orange Glen High School?

Janet: It’s known for druggies, fake ass gangsters, and being crazy ghetto!

Gloria: Actually, despite that there is a low income and minority neighborhood surrounding OG, their soccer team won the regional championship, their newspaper won a national award, and their Academic League Team competed nationally in Washington D.C.

Janet: Hmmm. Maybe I should pull my head out of my own ass.

Gloria: Much agreed!
by DanNguyen69 August 11, 2011
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A school full of crack head thugs who could care less about academics and usually are going to be the ones who wind up on the street corners just like there school and always are walking around with there pants to low for them to take a step. whom always seem to have stuff to do after school such as shot bobby in the face, get a girl knocked up overdose on pills or even rob walmart for christmas presents and they suck at foot ball
by lilthuglin December 4, 2009
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Only the shittiest high school in Escondido, CA. Known for druggies, fake ass gangsters, and being crazy ghetto. They are so poor their school parking lot has less than a fourth of the spaces at San Pasqual because no one that goes there can afford to buy a car.

Side effects of Orange Glen High School include dropping out of high school, being jealous of San Pasqual, becoming a wanksta, asshole, bitch, slut, whore, and most of all a failure.
Mike: Hey sexy, whats your name.
Jessica: I'm Jessica :).
Mike: So where do you go to school?
Jessica: "Orange Glen High School"(they are so dumb they can't spell their own schools name).
Mike: Ew you drop out jealous wanksta asshole bitch slut whore failure GTFO.
Jessica: I should just kill myself.
by BurrValley23 March 19, 2010
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