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One who posseses god like gaming abilities. Often someone described as a newmalati will participate in multiplayer gaming events and infuriate his/her opponents by completely owning them, to the point were they may have to resort to sending pm's or kicking the newmalati from event for no reason other than that newmalati has owned them.
To be a new-malati is to Own and annihilate all other gamers within corona distance.
Oh my God that guy is owning everyone he is a NewMalati.
by Oxford Dictionary February 06, 2005
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From the cyberworld. Its a person who often joins events at which he has no skill or ability and makes a mockery of such events. Often causing the legitimate folks participating to have much frustration
That guy over there slapping the water with his fishing pole is ruining the fishing for all of us, what a newmalati.
by definer dave February 01, 2005
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