derived from the word fantastic, something that is so nerdy it is cool, would be considered nerdtastic.
wow, you spent all day on the computer yesterday? that must have been fun! no, it's nerdtastic!
by madeofnerd August 29, 2009
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Adj - A mix between nerdy and fantastic.

A person who's finer qualities may be termed - 'nerdy' (see nerd) - but instead make them a more fun person to be around. Often used teasingly.

Often used specifically in reference to 'band nerds' and 'theatre nerds' by other band and/or theatre nerds.
"Dude, I finally managed to get that rigging up into place last night at like, three in the morning."

"Great job, nerdtastic."
by CandlestickJay September 1, 2008
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Something generally not cool, but to a nerd its fucking fantastic
Wow salina your Harry Potter shirt is fucking nerdtastic!
by Salina January 10, 2005
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noun = a nerd who is a fantastic person or who does fantastic things.
by Uncle Gerry July 17, 2009
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