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Nerdel n. - Similar to a nerdle. A nerdle is a combination of the words turtle and nerd. It is used to describe insecure nerdy perple who wear turtlenecks and scarves. They are often British, and usually have large circular glasses. In class, they sit in corners with their knees folded up to their chest and their books pulled close to their face.
Person 1: Man look at that quiet kid sitting over there in the corner.
Person 2: Ya he's wearing a turtleneck. Damn he's a nerdel.
Paerson 1: Ya man nerdel's suck.
by Non Nerdel November 06, 2005
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A Hybrid of Nerd/Model, A IT person who is of exceptional good looks.
"Watch that Nerdel, I unplugged my keyboard just to make her crawl under that desk.. mm mmm"
by DonitaG August 24, 2011
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