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Some one who dated a nerd in high school typically at the cost of popularity. Now most likely has a good amount of cash due to dating someone smart regardless on if the posses any real skill at all
Man that girl know what when was doing when she became a nerd fucker. The nerd got her to the top and she did not have to do a damn thing.
by Last king of Zion January 21, 2010
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someone or something that is so stupid, you cant possibly think of any other word (or words) to describe it.
Dylan is such a nerd fucker, i cant believe he stuck his dick in the blender.
by KT&allie July 10, 2008
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someone who spends their shallow, empty life playing WoW instead of socialising with real friends; not computers. Nerd Fuckers come in all sorts of appearances.. Ugly, greasy.. GAY.
by Meggan_x February 05, 2009
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