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A crush on someone that developed because of admiration for the person's skill/talent/intellectual abilities etc. Often used by straight(er) people to clarify that crushes of the same gender are more or less platonic.
"I have such a huge nerd crush on our prof"
by betsi December 12, 2007
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When you have a crush on somebody whom you would not normally go for. You become nervous while talking to them, or sometimes even just talking about them. The crush is a type of crush for all ages but when you have a nerd crush it is like you are in middle school again.
Not meaning you have a crush on a nerd but that YOU are a nerd because you get nervous when you talk to them, start sweating profusely, etc.
Nerd Crush: "Hey (insert name here)! How's it goin'?"
You: "Hi.. uh.. eh... uh.. " (turn red and run away)
by Dr. Lou May 14, 2007
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a nerd crush is a crush you have on a certain nerd. if you had to choose between a sea of nerds, you'd choose this nerd in a heartbeat. you do not necessarily desire to date this nerd, but he could potentially be a candidate.
"Blake is totally my nerd crush!"

"Really? Why?"
"He is insanely smart and cute!"
"Oh, awesome!"
by livealittle123 March 02, 2012
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A person (usually a girl) on whom a large percentage of nerds have a crush. Usually a result of a rare combination of smarts and good looks.
That girl's a real nerdcrush; liking her is a natural part of growing up here for any self-deserving nerd.
by the.creeper September 14, 2009
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