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1. A person who is a helpful nerd.
2. Someone who is really smart but also humble and easy to talk to.
1. That kid is a nerby - he's always helping me with my homework
2. Don't be embarrassed - I'm a nerby - you can ask me anything
by unspilledbeans November 05, 2018
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Like, the boobies on the first episode of SG-1.

or, in context:

A nerdy girl with boobs.

in conversation, re: a pumping nerdy girl:

boy: when you pump them do little +1's pop out above them?
boy - +1
boy - +1
boy - +1
girl - +1 x 2 (2 nerbies)
boy - the x2 is your multiplier
boy - when you fill a bottle do you level up?
girl - lol
by evilioness August 31, 2010
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1. Someone who has brought upon himself a mass amount of sexual harrassment because of his desirable aroma

2. Someone who has been raped so much his ass bleeds 24/7

3. My lover
Wheelbarrow, Nerby!

Cover your ass, Nerby

Whoa Nerby!
by IHateZeller March 22, 2008
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