Nipple Juice! Nepo, in other words, is a young prodigy in Counter-Strike, amazing... AKA "Leet Skeet"
"Wow that 5 yr old is a nepo, look at that cal i spray"
by cliffside5 May 4, 2005
A very handsome,like I mean really handsome male who does his best in every thing he does.He is a very lowkey male but is very smart and has qualities of a famous person.
Your child is a nepo
by Gilbert Rodriguez April 13, 2019
Never Ending Parade Of Stupid : The Tucson City Counsel's march toward the death of a city. They ride a Street Car Named Disaster, otherwise known as the trolley to nowhere. Frequent riders include the Arizona Daily Star editorial staff, the Mayor, and many people named "Dave". Used to describe the people who are riders.
Those people have a ticket for the NEPOS.
by seniorconcerned January 20, 2010
Hey, what does NEPO mean? That says OPEN ya daft bastard.
by CFBHater January 21, 2018
a child of a famous actor/celebrity who got famous due to nepotism.
Did you hear about Jamie? She’s such a nepo baby.”
by habagaba81 July 28, 2021
Child of a famous actor/celebrity etc. lots of the time Nepo Baby’s don’t have any skills what so ever and only get famous due to the connections that their parents have but sometimes they actually do have acting/modeling/whatever skills!

Ex. Lilly Rose Depp, Taissa Farmiga, basically anyone on the American Horror Story Cast

(DISCLAIMER!!! Not all Nepo baby’s have bad acting skills /modeling skills)
Jenna is SUCH! A Nepo Baby does she even have any acting experience ???”

“She’s actually a Nepo Baby! Could you believe that?! She’s so good at acting.”
by habagaba81 March 21, 2022