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Nipple Juice! Nepo, in other words, is a young prodigy in Counter-Strike, amazing... AKA "Leet Skeet"
"Wow that 5 yr old is a nepo, look at that cal i spray"
by cliffside5 May 03, 2005
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Never Ending Parade Of Stupid : The Tucson City Counsel's march toward the death of a city. They ride a Street Car Named Disaster, otherwise known as the trolley to nowhere. Frequent riders include the Arizona Daily Star editorial staff, the Mayor, and many people named "Dave". Used to describe the people who are riders.
Those people have a ticket for the NEPOS.
by seniorconcerned January 20, 2010
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Hey, what does NEPO mean? That says OPEN ya daft bastard.
by CFBHater January 21, 2018
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buy the domain for your foodie blog
nepo really came up to my crib lat night tf, manz was trippen
by yungsmpson October 05, 2018
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