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The gender-neutral term for a niece or nephew (by analogy with sibling).

Nephlings are the delightful creatures you can adore and play with and who look up to you, but whose diapers you don't have to change and whose tantrums are not your problem. The warm feeling you get from seeing your nephlings is unconscious gratification that your genes are being passed on (indirectly) to the next generation, without any effort of your own.
How many nephlings do you have? How many of those are nieces? Anyway, my nephlings are cuter than yours.
by Acheté June 14, 2007
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The plural word for the offspring of your siblings.

Nieces and nephews
I went home for christmas and got to see my nephlings.

Is your brother's son the first of your nephlings?
by phillim9 November 10, 2011
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A failed attempt at creating a gender-neutral term for nieces and nephews. It fails because it is based on the word nephew. If I hear you say this word I will throat punch you.
John: Hey Joe. Have you seen this picture of my nephlings?
Joe: *throat punches John*
John: *dies because he was stupid*
by funnyfornicatingfeces September 04, 2012
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