A term used chiefly by liberals of the present day to describe conservatives in power. The word has a highly negative connotation due to the fact that it is used by liberals who were badly burned twice in a row in the '00 and '04 elections.
Damn neo cons, they're in power and all I can do is sit and whine!
by Ryo March 07, 2005
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A mix of Conservativism and Classical Liberalism. Internationalist in nature, neo-conservatism is very concerned with political freedom, democracy, human rights, and economic freedom, and believes that these ideas are universally applicable. Pro-American, pro-Israeli, and pro-Taiwanese.

Most prominant neo-conservatives were liberals who came to change their opinion on economics.

Generally identified with the philosophy of Irving and Bill Kristol, Jeane Kirpatrick, Max Boot, Paul Wolfowitz, Natan Sharansky, Charles Krautheimer, James Woolsey, and Bill Bennett.

Possibly the closest to the political philosophy of George W. Bush.
Neo-conservatives love John Stuart Mill
by me - again March 30, 2006
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Neoconservative is a movement in the United States, started by political visionary Irving Kristol, that consists of former socialists who saw the truly parasitic evil that socialism represents. They then became "former liberals mugged by reality". During the cold war, Neocons represented an important ideological bloc against communist aggression from the Soviet Union and genocidal China. Neoconservatives believe in spreading modern enlightened values and democratic ideals across the world, if necessary, by military intervention. They have made some mistakes, like the Iraq war, but they are still an important and decent political movement. Their domestic policies don't have any particular ideological tilt, but they are mainly involved in US foreign policy. Leftist idiots and morons often attack and insult neoconservatives, but that's because socialists and liberals are suicidally anti-social.

Economically, Neoconservatives believe in fair trade and free market economy, so they support NAFTA. Neoconservatives are very powerful, and have a lot of influence in the White House. A lot of political think tanks are Neoconservative. For further details, see the wikipedia article on neoconservative.
Not to be confused with paleoconservatives, who are Nazis in disguise.
A neoconservative believes in free trade and the propagation of modern democracy in backward countries.
by Realpolitik October 06, 2007
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"A liberal who has been mugged by reality." (Irving Kristol)
The difference between a neo-conservative and a bleeding-heart liberal is: the former gets mugged and actually does something to prevent it from happening again, while the latter is so afraid of being accused of "profiling" that he becomes the victim he thinks his predators are.
by fifilarue August 24, 2014
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