(METAPHOR) relatively transparent ruse to hide something embarrassing behind something good, or something neutral. For example, a man may attempt to hit on a woman by attempting to get her involved in bible study. The woman would ordinarily find being hit on disagreeable or even offensive, so the man conceals his intentions as something considered good.

Comes from the tradition of Renaissance artists using figleaves to conceal the genitalia of nude subjects.
During the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, neoconservatives used concern for the the welfare of Iraqis under Saddam's oppressive rule as a figleaf for their bloodlust.
by Primus Intra Pares July 21, 2010
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verb: to Figleaf.
This action (usually made by a man) involves using the arms or other objects to protect the family jewls.
can be unintentional or intentional depending on the situation.
To cover one's buldge for a photo or other such viewing or protecting needs.
Comes from the use of Figleaves to cover male genitalia in art and whatnot.
"I hate the stock photos of male swim teams. Every guy is figleafing it!"
"That guy just totally figleafed it after seeing his buddy get hit in the groin"
"stop figleafing, I'm not gunna to hit ya"
by Cloudyjuicebox April 28, 2006
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