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An act of the political media often confused with sexual perversion. It involves laying the audience down and shocking them into silence using the technique known as "The Big Lie." While the audience's ears are filled with partisan pap, spread cling wrap over their mouths and collectively fill their waiting maw with your own special branded and focus-grouped shit. Afterwards, finish the sex act in their shit-filled mouths and leave the audience with the unpleasant choice of either 1) swallowing and regurgitating the neoconservative crap shoved at them or 2) avoiding political discourse because the practice as become so shocking, violent, and unpalatable. (Sometimes confused with "Hot Lunch.")
Frank Luntz was just on television and talked about "the death tax." He basically took a Hot Luntz in the mouths of 99.5% of the American public.

Source: Frank Luntz, The Asshole of American Discourse
by BeAngryAtTheSun December 11, 2007
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