(Neo-Tard) -- a contraction of the term Neoconservative and Retard.

A neo-tard is someone who believes in neoconservative principles while not understanding how stupid they are, that he will never personally benefit from these policies, and that said policies may, in fact, lead to his poverty and/or untimely demise.

Traits include a blind support for:

* American Military and Economic Imperialism, without adequate border security.

* Republican Presidential Infallability

* Simultaneous support for low taxes (for the wealthy) and high government spending (for military and corporate welfare at least).

A neotard is also typically unable to offer clear intellectual arguments for his positions, instead relying on catchy but meaningless phrases like, "they'll follow us home," or "don't cut and run," or "die in a fire, you commie libtard!"

As such, they generally lose debates and run away, only to attack another day.
George Bush is a neotard, especially given his belief in his own Presidential Infallability and in policies that fail, no matter how stupid or disproved.

Bill Kristol is not a neotard, because he simply misleads the public to promote his neocon policies.

Anyone who believes Bill Kristol, however, is a neo-tard, because Bill Kristol is always wrong.

Dick Cheney is also not a neotard for similar reasons. He is simply a crook (see "crook").
by Avi Bar-Zeev June 3, 2007
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