The phenomenon of corporations taking control of cultures and indiviuals through money, policies, practices, and gatekeeping in general to the point that they control many aspects of everyday private life.
Because of neo-feudalism, I now work 60 hours a week just to keep my job, so I have no life outside of work.

I had to stop smoking/go on a diet/get my tats removed/buy phone service from company X as a condition of employment. Neo-feudalism is killing me.

Under neo-feudalism, those with money and power tell those without "We own your ass."
by mamapalabras January 19, 2012
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economic strategy promoted by corporate owned Republicans involving the expansion of corporate power and the oppression of the working class, so as the corporate CEO's become the lords and the working class become the serfs
Neo-feudalism involves busting unions, moving jobs overseas, and a general opposition to anything that benefits workers; OSHA, minimum wage, health care benefits etc.
by Mr.Juan-derful July 19, 2010
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