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Someone the blue hair ligma man does not like

''no one likes a negger''
no one likes a negger dude
by Ninja Hate Neggers September 26, 2018
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Used to describe a group of stream snipers who neg
Bruh Tyler he is negging so much. I know he is such a negger
by Thiccrat November 10, 2018
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according to the blue hair ligma cancer having "stream sniping" reporting faggot, "nobody likes a negger"
he got arrested by the fbi anyways because of how sexist, racist, facist he was.
"hey are u a negger"
"who tf gave u an n word pass"
"wtf nigga that ain't the n word"
by acefamilyisgay March 26, 2019
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Someone who is really, REALLY negative.
"Who invited all them neggers to the party!? If they don't stop talking about slavery, genocide and 9/11, I'm gonna lose my buzz.
by fknugly January 11, 2012
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Terminator hater. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a well known actor in movies such as the terminator series but like other people there are those who hate him, those who do hate the terminator are known as negger.
Old person speaking* "Ol it's great to be in line for my favorite show, the Terminator, where I will watch it here on the big screen."

Random black dude speaks* "Terminator? Shoot I came here to watch the Jeffersons on the big screen, I aint know nothin bout no terminator. F*** Terminator!"

Old person speaking* "Hey you negger, how bout you get you're black, negger azz over here and give your respects to the Schwarzenegger by taking back what you said and shining my shoes. You gawd damn negger."
by KcBrewz March 07, 2011
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