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andjective used to describe someone of superior intelligence or ability, greatness
Wow man you just bowled 300 you played a neemer of a game
by Tegar August 05, 2005
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A small yet sometimes aggresive creature that originates from Nicaragua. Enjoys whisky and guiness at an near addictive level. Often changes the pitch and tone of her voice for no functional purpose.
The neemer should never be fed after midnight!
by lanmar August 26, 2006
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Usually a tall slendor man who is homosexual, listens to bad music a smart ass, not well endowed, has big keebler like ears, and wears a little flavor saver on his chin.
Man that pole vaulter is a total neemer!
by beckstromlfd April 22, 2009
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Anyone who has a small penis, no friends and listens to bad music all day. This person will also be tall, skinny and goofy looking. They also say the word "huh" alot to be funny but no one is impressed.

Also a neemer could be a vagina.
That kid is a total neemer.
my neemer bleeds this time of month
by huhhuh1 April 13, 2008
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A homosexual man, usually tall in size
Likes men, talks about Ian Mckellin a lot...
by Mysteryman November 03, 2004
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