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nayaabs are generally girls with big brown eyes they are funny loveable and have the most amazing personality. nayaabs are the girl that every guy wants but she has her special guy that she will never leave without a good reason. nayaabs are beautiful attractive sexy and the most amazing girl. she can keep a longterm relationship going strong and wont get tired of being with you any gut who has her is the luckiest guy and others will be jealous of him. most girls are usually jealous of her and want to be her many hate her but she doesnt hate them. whoever she trusts she trusts completely and she doesnt go back to those who break her trust. shes fun loving and generally loved by all. she smart but doesnt believe that she is.
person1: is that nayaab?
person2: yea didnt you see her eyes and how pretty she is.
by candyeyes November 23, 2013
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