An important part of every college kid's nourishing diet. Best when consumed in excessive quantities.
I drank 23 cans of Natty Light last night, no wonder I missed all my classes today. Oh well, lets get some food somewhere and grab a new 30 pack
by Drunken Jayhawk April 28, 2007
Natty light is beer I drink when the {pay} check isn't what I wanted it to be.
Sure, the 1st one is kinda rough, but it's smooth sailing after that. You get the same buzz as you would off of other light beers except you get 12 beers for the price of 6. Ya feel me?
Definition: Natty Light is something that gets ya the same buzz as those pricey drinks like Miller Lite and Bud Light. Ya hear that you preppy fuckers???
by Melissa Todd July 11, 2006
a natural light beer. a natty light.
"hey, pass me a natty light"
by Amy Stevens December 23, 2004
Refers to Natural Light Beer. Popular among teens because of it is cheap and gets you drunk pretty quick, but tastes terrible. Popular among Jocks, and Dbags.
I hate the taste of Natty lights but it does get me pretty drunk
by i of odin June 8, 2010
The beer of champs, aka those who don't have 25$ to shell out for a case very night.
The two Ryan's and Elliot drink only the finest, Natty Light.
by RyGuyYo April 22, 2008
short for "Natural Light"; basically the cheapest beer you can find
I can tell they were going for quantity and not quality. They bough cheap Natty Light!
by marypoppins77 June 4, 2010