Simply Great in every way possible. Specially when it come to smurfing it! but also slightly smelly
u, u, u,u,u,u,u,u and me
by natily smels June 30, 2004
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Smart, cool and fun but very talkative. Laughs a lot and has a deep smile
Natilies awesome and fun
by October 28, 2013
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Natily is the kind of friend everyone wants; loyal, funny, and extremely selfless. She's down to hang out whenever, and will never leave you bored. Natily also fails to recognize her own potential, but there's still plenty room for her to grow. As independent and open minded as she is, natily is guaranteed success.
if you want to change your life for the better, get yourself a natily.

I wish I was a natily.
by realhopefulsxt November 24, 2021
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