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She is a shy person, but once you get to really know her she will bright up your day.She worries about others, sometimes to the point where she puts her happiness on the line.Once in a while with an attitude.It takes a lot of trying for her to give up. She puts her focus and passion into what ever she wants to achieve.
Here comes Nashley with a smile
by Kelly32 February 07, 2018
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A way to talk about Ashley without her knowing. It’s NOT Ashley.
Female 1: She is so annoying and irrelevant!
Female 2: Yea and she is bad at spelling!
Ashley: Who are you talking about.
Female 1: Not Ashley
Female 2: Nashley
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by BleachMeUpFamily June 17, 2019
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A male being mistaken for a female. making 'Nashley' the male version name of 'ashley'
A man sitting in a restaraunt being mistaken for a female: "Excuse me...Would the lady like another drink?...Oh excuse me, i didn't know you were a Nashley."
by fyle kerguson September 13, 2005
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Nashley. It is a ship name for two of my besties. It is the ship name for (Noah) and (Ashley) We ship them so hard they deserve end game. We love you Ashley and Noah
Dude, Nashley is so cute together, I wish I had a relationship like theirs.
by yoimemma June 11, 2018
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