A beautiful beach town in southern Rhode Island filled with cultural diversity and financial status. Its residents (narragangsters) are dedicated to having a good time. The locals are friendly but do not want you there. Locals defined by the people of Gansett is strictly people who live in gansett. Warwick, East Greenwhich and Providence stay the fuck out. If your not a local, don't surf there. A great place to party and A good place to find some weed, but so is everywhere else in Rhode Island. It's beautiful regardless of the weather. The cops are retarded. Beach parties are awesome, no matter what the beach. Don't step on couples in the sand. Massachusetts and especially Connecticut folk, stay away.
Where are you from?
Damn, Im jealous.
by damnboy March 25, 2008
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A small town in Rhode Island with nice beaches and lots of unwanted tourists.

When the summer is over and all the tourists leave everyone is happy, but than the college kids come and the party is back on! Its defiantly a party town. The schools are good, their rivals are SK (South Kingstown) , and sk kids like to try to take over Narragansett, and vandalize the high schools. Very immature relationship they have. But they deal with it and continue to party with each other. Also Narragansett really needs some new people to move their, like families, no more college. The town seems empty sometimes.
Jeff"Party in Narragansett tonight, my place!!"
Micheal "Who's going?"
Jeff"The usual gang."
Micheal"Okay. Oh my god we need to get more people to hang out with! We need a new kid or something!"
by HomeSickChick1234 September 15, 2012
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A town where the only good thing in it are the beaches. Mostly all the kids who are from gansett are faggots. They think they are amazing at sports when they arnt. There football team is decent, not as good as sk. Girls basketball is a joke compared to ours and I mean D3 hockey champions? nothing to be proud of. The kids all think they are hot shit and think they run the town and the beach when they only make up about 5% of the kids on it. Everyone, including kids from Gansett know that SK owns Narragansett beach... they just dont like to admit it. (check out facebook group with proof: (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?sid=7435b496c1675d9febcc2adca6721e28&gid=2318073000) the ratio of SK kids to Gansett kids on the beach is at all times at LEAST 4:1.... and why is that? BECAUSE WE HAVE SO MANY MORE KIDS THAT LIVE HERE. Bottom line all kids from gansett are stupid. Sorry but it is the truth.
Paul: Hey i just came back from Narragansett beach
Jim: oh really? who was there
Paul: mostly sk kids, and a few gansett faggots

Sally: Kids from gans and their faggot clans, have made some plans, to put their hands on the trans man, who drives a mini van from iran across the border to japan, gans cant even afford crayons or pans or sedans cause they are all friggin homos, even more then people from kazakhstan.
by bballsmith124856 March 3, 2009
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Town in southern rhode island that thinks its rich, but in reality it doesn't even come close to Newport or other rich New England towns like Marblehead, MA , Nantucket, Greenwich, CT or New Canaan, CT.
Newportian: Your collar's popped... are you from Newport too?
Narragansettite: No, I'm from Narragansett, but its just a rich...
Newportian: Bitch please... Narragansett isn't rich, unpop the collar on your walmart special polo.
by 3rd house in nport February 1, 2007
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The sexual act when a partner takes a clam shell, inserts one half into the vagina and the other half into the anus. Once inserted, the clam holder must go knuckle deep in both vagina and anus and make the clam shells meet to make a clapping sound.
Aye, she was a salty sea hag, so it was customary to give her the ol' narragansett knuckle!
by ae86guyisbored April 20, 2019
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The act of puking your guts out naked into the toilet after a night of drinking, and blowing massive wet farts out of your asshole simultaneously.
Bro: dude you okay in there?? (calling into the bathroom)

Dude: i am never drinking four loko again!!! i narragansett blow hole every fucking time!!
by queefmcgee123 October 17, 2010
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10 tequila shots immediately followed by a power hour. All must be completed by the end of the movie The Titanic.
“Did you hear the boys all ran the Narragansett Mile?” “Jesus, those kids are sick fucks

“Yo, it’s lil Paul’s birthday on Saturday. Should we run the Narragansett Mile?”
by Bish6942069 October 10, 2020
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