Short for poon nannies, pooty tangs,pooty, tangs, and any other vulgar slangs for female.
Hey! I'm going to a party tonight. Do you want to come?

Are there going to be nannies there?

Hell yeah, lots of nannies!
by LesNannies September 8, 2008
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A woman that a man gets into a relationship with primarily so she'll watch his kids from another relationship
Her: "Sorry, we have to cancel girls night. I forgot that Boyfriend has custody of his kids tonight and so I have to make them dinner, help them with their homework, and prepare their school lunch for tomorrow."

Friend: "Girl, he's using you as a bang nanny! DTMFA."
by Mai Ainsel October 21, 2019
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A lady who will steal your wallet and run away screaming plums glorious plums
Nanny plum : oooohhh sonny could you get the plums of the top shelf for me

Unsuspecting public: sure mam

Nanny plum : tee hee hee

Unsespecting public : here you go mam wait were did she go??
Nanny plum : plums glorious plums !!!!!
by Roadmanchungus March 19, 2017
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A stupid ass program that tries to police the internet.
Nice try, Nanny.
Wow that Net Nanny sure is a Internet Police officer.
by Chris J. September 25, 2006
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a person who is very sassy and therefore deserves the degrading position of a nanny. this is the negative use. the positive use is like calling your friend idiot even though you are kidding.gaskin
Gibby: Wow! u hit me in the head with that plum!
Guppy: sorry, i love u! <3
Gibby: thats ok u sassy nanny
by biggy is alive September 22, 2010
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A piece of software used by parents to keep their kids from going places they don't want them to go. Can be easily bypassed through use of a proxy.
by me April 8, 2004
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