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Noun. An oceanside town in Massachusetts, approximately this big: ____________ .
"Whoops, I tripped."
"Dude, you just squished Nahant."
by The Mattly One March 27, 2005
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The smallest town in Massachusetts, possibly one of the best cities out there. Everyone that lives here has so much pride for the town. summer in nahant some arent. No one will understand how amazing it is until they live here
Sarah- Have you jumped off the Wharf in Nahant yet?
Lindsay- Yeah, every day!
by heather June 18, 2006
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Probably the shittiest town in Mass. Wicked small, so small the kids are shipped to Swampscott for school, and nothing to do. Everything is a 20 minute drive. There is a Dunks, convenience store, and pizza shop, thats it. Way overcrowded in the summer with beach people.
I live there, and hate it. So glad i go to school in Malden because if i had to stay in Nahant all the time I'd kill myself, and the 10 people that live here.
by Mararar April 24, 2009
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a really small town in nahant where everyone knows each other and is happy. it is surrounded by ocean leaving a beautiful view for everyone to see and has the best sunsets at night. nahant is a beautiful place to live and is very calming and beautiful. everyone there is so nice and welcoming. i love nahant i would love to live there.
person 1: "have you ever been to short beach in nahant?"
person 2: "no, why?"
person 1: "it is the cleanest beach in massachusetts!"
person 2: "i'll have to check it out!"
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by daddylonglegs75 August 26, 2017
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