When you really don't have anything else to say; you're trying to some up something in a lazy way
I'm so tired of writing how i feel in my about me, from now on it's Yah Nah Brah.
by Lauren Busta-Capp! November 27, 2009
A term used by a d bag, to say yeah or sure brah
Drew: Yo fellas, you trying to get lit later?
Luke: Jah Nah Brah!
Andrew: Jah Nah Brah, I have like 2 friends I could hit up
Drew: God you guys such tools...
by weinerhouse November 2, 2017
Bogan slang, meaning something is very good, or to agree with a statement that a fellow bogan is saying. Australians tend to use the term 'heaps' in objection to 'many' or 'loads' and therefore, something that is 'heaps hectic' is very good ('hectic' meaning good or nice).
Bogan 1- Drinking tinnies of VB while cruisin' in my commodore
Bogan 2- Yeah, Nah. Heaps hectic Brah.
by Ayyy lmao. September 17, 2014
What you say when someone wants something from you but they didn't give you anything when you asked earlier.
A: Hey bro, lemme get a fry.
B: Nah, brah, you didn't let me use your phone charger and I missed a call from my mom!
A: Shit, brah, I'm sorry. Nevermind.
by Phan_Trash_Aesthetic May 12, 2016