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He's got a big finger and a big dick. Pleases all the ladies. If you need anything, go to this guy. He's a fucking genius too.
Goddamn, who is that? He fucked my wife then helped me get my P.H.D.
It's Nafiz, bruh.
by Lulz4DayzMyNiggas November 15, 2016
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He is a kind human,willing to help the others who is in trouble eventhough that he had reached his limit..
Nafiz always said this: I will return that smile
by Tachio April 22, 2018
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Nafiz is such a loyal,funny,sweet kind of person.he might get hurt and dad but that won't stop him.he loves his education and he's very talented and has a great voice for.he always follows his dreams.
Girl1:who's that

Girl2:oh that's nafiz he's a sweet guy

Girl1:well I call dibs
by Nafiz and ayanie June 17, 2018
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