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A sweet Israeli man. A generous and kind man. Someone who is loving, and awesome. Very cute and handsome.
He is such a Nadav. I met guy, and he is such a Nadav. I can't wait to meet a Nadav.
by LRussel7 May 06, 2008
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a hot guy. Although when he is a teen anger hes chubby and a lil funny looking. H has a picky sense of humor. When he gets older he gets a hug cock. All the girls want to suck his enormiss penis. He only goes for the hotttest. you should get him when hes youn. he is gr8 in bedg
by March 19, 2009
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A boy who is extremely attracted to woman and will do just about anything to just get a halfast handjob from a skanky dropout slut.But overall a nice guy and will fall for you in seconds!!
by Deniz quan February 13, 2017
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