Wake n' Cake

It is simply code for doing coke right when you wake up. It is very similar to wake and bake and it sounds like wake and coke, except with cocaine and wax. It's a powerful wish, to wake up and do a line first thing in morning. You BLOW out the candles on your birthday. There fore every one knows you extend the weekend one day longer for 'wake n' cake.' Wake n' Cake means the world is changing back to a 1970's disco era of blow. It's a reverse revolution. Kids want to snort Adderall, and watch porn. When really a wake n' cake is the the best meditation around.

tags: wake, cake, blow, Jewish, Monday, Adderall, meditation, morning
All the Jewish Heeb dealers in the suburbs wouldn't sell me any blow on Sunday. So I went to the the city. Chill with my Catholic homies. I tell my homies, They aren't real legit Jews, half Jewish there Dad's were raped by Romans and not their Mom's. No child was born ever born Jewish that way said the Reb (Rabbi). They are non Orthodox Jews who think that Sunday is day of rest, when it really starts on Friday night Shabbos. So I had to wait till Monday morning to wake and cake to do the candle ceremony. "I stay up 8 days a week for my fill." Later, Cube as I leave back to the suburbs. How much wax candles do you need said Don EL? Dizzle says 1. How much cake you want, I want four, and I know they overcharge so it really is only 2g's El Don the tagger, says it cost $160 for that," "Sounds like a plan." said Dizzle. "I can do 2 grams in five hours without hesitation," Dizzle realizes, shoot I may not have enough for morning, for a solid Wake n' Cake.
by jASDizzlE April 13, 2014
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Waking up and masturbating using open porn tabs from the night before.
I found some tabs open with porn. Did you wake n' shake?

by dklfsdkljfsdkljgsklg October 09, 2021
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When you have sexual intercourse as soon as or soon after you wake from sleeping.
My boyfriend is really horny recently, every morning he wants to wake n snake!
by lucian246 May 19, 2015
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Waking up and hitting the vape - basically the same thing as waking up and having a cigarette, but with a vape.
I wake-n-vape every morning since I stopped smoking cigarettes
by Mad Morrigan September 30, 2017
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The act of calling someone on your phone while you are walking.
"Hey man. I hear traffic noise in the background. Is this a walk n call?"
by Vidar T April 26, 2017
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When you decide to have a joint or seven with some mates but as soon as they leave and while you're still high you have a wank because you "just want to see how it would feel".
"That was a great j, maybe I should go have a wank 'n bake, you know, just to see how it feels."
by really.im.the.plvg May 22, 2017
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When you shank someone right after you rape them. Commonly used in prison situations.
Inmate 1: Did you hear about inmate 3?
Inmate 2: No, what happened?
Inmate 1: He attempted to do the ol' wank n shank
by that_one_guy1 June 02, 2016
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