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to hotbox one's vehicle, such as scooby and shaggy did in the show "Scooby Doo". Doo being short for doobies of course and the fact that whenever they leave the mystery machine, smoke seems to emit from it. scooby snacks of course referring to the munchies, along with the two feet tall sandwiches they always ate.
"Pat what is up bro?"

"I just mystery machined it before i got here, so im feelin pretty satisfactory."
by scooby snacks. December 16, 2007
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Name of the vehicle from the TV show and Movie "Scooby Doo" that was once thought to be the housing for an evil kiddy drug dealing scheme is now thought to have been used for loli child rape by Scooby and their sinister gang. This is reported to have involved dog beastiality as well as using soft sqeeky sex toys and other rubber play things. Kids are most often lured with cookies.

Rumors also speculate about a possible connection between this and Pedobear says 4chan and it's loyal members.
"Come on tommy! They have free cookies in the Mystery Machine!"
by SharpShark28 June 01, 2007
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Getting naked, turning out all of the lights so you cannot see anything, grab a random object, and shove it up,your ass or pussy
When doing the mystery machine, I accidentally grabbed a cactus and had the best night of my life
by Cumshot Larry June 04, 2016
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