a group of words posted for all of your myspace friends to see that typically consists of a curse of bad luck, survey, mass murderer,pleas for comments, insane obnoxious list of things wanted in a relationship usually includes some sappy love story , announcement of new pictures, etc.
oh em gee i better replace this myspace bulletin or else an evil clown will come and get me

lyke OmG that myspace bulletin was lyke sooo0oo cute* i want a relation ship like that LOL LOL
by m.mcall July 7, 2006
Usually a female who is on myspace any free minute they get and repost every bulletin to cross their page. It is usually the most annoying friend on your list.
My last 20 bulletins are from the same person, what a myspace bulletin whore.
by KashMoneySTL August 10, 2006