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A wonderful girl who is always honest yet runs into people who, lie and make fun of her. She gets many enemies because of her beauty and honesty. Many people mistaken her for a awkward person, but only those who meet her and get to know her will be very surprised in how beautiful and caring she is. I wish I had a Mylani In my life. They get very cranky and confused at times but overall, their anger frustration and confusion can be calmed by honesty, love, and fun.
Hey, look at that Mylani Right there. She is so innocentand loving. Although she does get cranky.
by MakeITUrban January 17, 2018
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Mylani is a gorgeous girl who doesn't give a fuck about nobody but hers. She doesn't fuck with to many people. But the people she does fuck with she will ride with untill the wheels fall off and mutherfuckas is walkin. She doesnt smile much but wen she does your whole attitude will change you wont know to be mad or kiss her right then and there. Mylani hates explaining her self to people and has bad trust issues but she has a good heart and and a coo ass personality. She would come off ass a quite girl but she really just might not like you.
Mylani is so boujee !
I dont like mylani
I wanna fight mylani i dont know why i just do.
Mylani is gorgeous i just dont know how to talk to her.

Where did mylani just go?
by Lani98 June 18, 2018
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MYLANI is a creative book series for children. The first one is called EARTHLOVERS and was published in November 2018 in German language. Every MYLANI creative book consists of a story and high-quality papers, partly pre-cut, as well as glue dots, with which one can create paper images (=Mylanis).
MYLANI is a creative book series for children.
by sustainable products January 13, 2019
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Mylani a girl who think she it’s the shit but is also a big ass story teller and she steals ur best friends.
“Is that mylani” she stole my best friend and then lied to me
by Jzjsj May 03, 2018
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