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word used to brush off any sujestion, question or comment.
"Johny where is the remote"
"man stop walkin round like you've got a traddle up ur ass"
by sigz November 30, 2004
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An expression or noise made when mimicking someone who is moaning or telling you off.
Chrissie: *gives lecture on how busy she is*
Sarah: 'Myeh myeh myeh'
Chrissie: STOP IT
Sarah: 'MYEH'
Chrissie: Sarah...
Sarah: Myeh?
Chrissie: Stop
Sarah: Myehokay...
by Sazcwotch May 08, 2018
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An exclimation made, usually when quoting another person. The alternative (and preferred) spelling would be 'm' with a ~ over it, ' eh'.
They're going to look at this and say, "m'yeh! anion!"
by SuperSack March 08, 2005
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