a word used to make people laugh alot.
or can be an insult
Holly;Hiya what did u do last night
Cherry;My Gran
Holly;What u doing tonight
Cherry;My Gran
Holly; Stop saying my gran
Cherry;My Gran
by Chesney, Holy,OJ and Bimbo September 26, 2006
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This is what normal people say when introducing there Gran! Its polite and makes your gran feel welcome in you and your friends presence!
Jon: Aww Blud! Ain't that your granio?
Kay: Yea Boss!
Jon: Well Ain't ya gna say hello!
Kay: Jon Welcome to my gran!
Gran: Helllloooo Jon babe!! Heard your a real Go-er!
Kay: Gran, Please!
Gran:Sorry Darling, you made me feel a bit too welcome!
Jon: Dont Worry Granny babe!
by x-Kaylzz-x January 22, 2008
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Slang term for My Gran
Mainly used in north america
Person 1: U smokin' weed 2nite
Person 2: No i got to go see My Gran-ay
by Chesney,Holy, OJ and Bimbo October 21, 2006
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