I need to get away from all that muv because it's starting to get to me.
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Muv a misspelling of love but means much more than love.
Muv was copyrighted in 2005 by anonymous. Muv is also ascociated with feet.
Any other use of this word will be handeld in the court of law.
Phillip muvs lexie very much and put this on here as a surprise and it was very fucking hard cause he had to do it like 40 fucking times.
by foxxxy April 1, 2008
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..short for Mother Fucker. Mo FU rolled into one word.
Yo Muv, the hell you been?

Ducking your ass. One.
by Bounce outta here September 9, 2008
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more than love. when you feel like you "more than love" someone but cannot find the word to express it.
bill "I feel like i more than love you. I just don't know how to express how i feel."

Sally "I muv you too bill."
by msm09 December 26, 2011
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a fill in name for a person you may be referring to at the time. Mainly used between male friends.
Example 1

Person #1 Did Frankie call you?
Person #2 That muv didn't call me one time at all!

Example 2

hey muv! whats you doing? your messing up my car!
by frankie frank August 23, 2009
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