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A small council estate in sittingbourne, run by gypsies. Murston is home to the 'hardest boys' in the ME10 ME12 postcodes. Slang used in the Murston area: Chad "chad tonight ahoit", bull / bulling "where's the bull at moverdie", other things etc. In the council estate are multiple gangs known to locals and citizens as, 103, reepogang, rezogang each with highly dangerous members from ages 14-24. The most heated place advisable to stay clear from is commonly known as 'the strip'. The strip is where your most likely to find these hooligans and it covers areas like elm grove, block apartments, and starts at loco shop to the co-op.
Dad- come on son we're going to visit your Nan this weekend.
Son- nanny h? Who lives in Murston, yea dad you must think I'm a dinlo. Sure I'm gunna go to that estate full of pikeys. On your own
by Unknown ticna April 02, 2018
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Small Dwelling in Kent England, associated with weather fronts that form and head toward minster cricket club.
“Black as your hat over murston

“When you can’t see murston co-op it’s lights out” -Mick Rees
by Dave cheese June 11, 2018
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