Placenta and/or afterbirth that is squeezed out of a new mother's body immediately after giving birth.
Man, you should have seen the mung bullet that flew out of that lady when the doctor started squeezing on her stomach. It looked like a horror film.
by Burtimus G March 10, 2022
a small purple monster featured in the horror short film The Munge
"oh no The Munge got me!!"
by mung3mast3r3000 October 19, 2022
The act of a individual using a bungee to feed multiple mungers. Mung This is when multiple people enjoy the mung. One person jumps repeatedly because of the bungee, while many others enjoy every last bit on mung. The lucky first person gets most of the mung.
Josh: Im in line first for the bungee munging!

Dan: Oh darn. You'll get the best part!!
by Devilyay666 November 14, 2013