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it is when you are talking about different topics with the same person at the same time. yeah. its possible. believe me.
H: how are you?
J: my dog died.
H: that's sad
J: i'm fine
H did you bury it?
J: i got a cold the other day
H: me too.
J: yeah. in the backyard
H: i took neozep. did you?
J: sorry you couldn't come
H: no i'm sorry
J: i did. i think its gone now.
H: hey, we're multitalking.
by mi and ma March 14, 2010
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(1) discussing more than one topic simultaneously in a singular conversation

(2) When a response does not naturally or logically follow a statement in a single conversation because multiple topics are being discussed simultaneously between two or more people.

(3) when two typically scatterbrained individuals discuss a variety of topics in a conversation that makes no sense to an objective Observer but can only be followed completely by the two people having the conversation

(4) a lack of agreement between assertion and response in the progression of a conversation because two people are discussing a variety of things at once
Were you just multitalking about bread and radios?
by Strong Compassion December 07, 2017
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