3 definitions by une canadianne tres folle

A retro piece of audio equipment, with spectacular sound quality, and a vintage vibe. Also good for playing frisbee with.
Look how far this vinyl record flies!
Ow! You just hit me in the head with a Stooges' single!
by une canadianne tres folle January 28, 2011
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A clinical term for vaginal cum- it is a white, viscous ejaculation followed by a good roll in the hay. Known for its unique scent and being hard to swallow.
You've got cervical mucous all over your face.
by une canadianne tres folle April 17, 2011
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October 9, 1944- June 27, 2002.

Bass guitar player for the Who, one of the most recognized and adored bands in the world. Also a member of Ox, a band that is relatively unknown, but quite excellent, none the less.

Famous for his "Thunder Fingers", and the fact that he never moved, or even smiled, while playing. (Some speculate that he was attempting to blend into the background, so he would not be mauled by his violent, and often blocked up, band mates).

Either way, he is considered one of the greatest bass players in rock n' roll, and has one of the most obscenely high singing voices ever possessed by a non-castrati.
It's spelt John EntWISTLE, not John EntWHISTLE!
by une canadianne tres folle November 28, 2010
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