Mr. Martin is the most powerful man in the world. He is the glowing torch in the cave of humanity. When you first meet him you piss your self but after a year or two you realize he's still scary with a mixture of nice, chill, and cool. Other Mr's wish they were a Mr. Martin.
Oh my god is that Mr. Martin, He looks so chill.
by Brian Y: June 12, 2014
The most badass Muskie fisherman in the country. One of the most amazing and trustworthy teachers. With a quality of dominance over his opposing staff. His students worship him like a god. A wizard saint of chemistry. One of the highest levels of science teaching. He will beat you down with his knowledge of the periodic table.
Student: Can I be a Mr. Martin

Principal: Nah fam
The best substitute teacher ever. He gives out mints because he is lit and not a boomer and should live forever.
Mr martin is the best substitute ever known to mankind.
by Hi jk lmno December 16, 2019