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/ˈmərmər/ noun adjective
Referring to something or someone as cute, yet a little bit silly at the same time. It could imply a certain sense of innocence and naiveté as well. In nature, while referring to something silly, the word can be used to describe something that is both good or bad depending on the situation. While being a little bit airheaded, the thing or person must show adorable features which relieve the severity of the mistake or the goofiness.
That muchkin cat looks so mrmr!
That mrmr is being so pouty right now!
by Vibrion February 10, 2018
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Mental Retarded Monkey Raper; someone that is so lame that they must rape monkies
OMG! The big crazy guy (who's name starts with an M) is such an MRMR!
by Dionysia M. April 06, 2007
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