1. an excuse by a large marketing corporation to capitalize on a source material, usually a movie, decent or not. Usually a piece of garbage so bad that it doesn't even deserve a rental (i.e. most Lucasarts games between 97 and 2003), with few anomalous exceptions (i.e. Revenge of the Sith, Chronicles of Riddick,The Clone Wars, Battlefront). Just as there are movie games that suck, there are also game movies made after excellent games that shame the game/entire series itself (i.e. Doom, Tomb Raider, Bloodrayne), although some times there are movies and games made at the same time based on each other that suck equally (i.e. Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis, Superman 64). For these reasons, companies that commit these horrible deeds have sold less because of the large increase of trusted game reviewers.
person1: Dude, did you hear the review for that Chronicles of Riddick movie game?

person2: Yeah, that was a big surprise.
by aka_Pyro April 1, 2007
The Movie Game - How to play the movie game:

1 person starts with a movie or an actors.

If the person before you says a movie you have to say an actor in that movie, the next person has to say a movie that your actor is in and so on.

Play with no repeats or no immediate repeats of actors/movies.
Guy2: "Let's play the movie game"
Guy1: "Ok i'll start, Godzilla (1998)"
Guy2: "Matthew Broderick"
Guy3: "Lion King"
Guy1: "James Earl Jones"
Guy2: "Lion King" <-- Immediate repeat, not allowed.
Guy3: "Dude we just came from Lion King"
by #mclovin March 18, 2013
A legendary game about the original Bee Movie. Nothing is better than this game.
Dudeeee, have you played the Bee Movie Game yet? It's epic my dude! This thing is amazing on the wii. Don't even think about getting the Nintendo switch!
by urbanrele March 19, 2017
Video games based on a movie, typically released around the same time as the movie the game is emulating that no self respecting gamer, even if a fan of the movie, will willing purchase for themselves or another gamer.

Known to typcially suffer from poor controls, extremely short development time compared to other games and have elements found no where in the movie or lore.
Gamer 1: Dude why are you playing avatar the game?!
Gamer 2: My grandma got it for me and my folks want me to play it to make her feel good, I keep telling her I dont like movie video games to....
by WGAnubis April 7, 2010