The interchange of Interstates-70 and 25 in Denver, Colorado
"Traffic is backed up at the Mousetrap this morning. Take another route to downtown Denver."
by Braniff April 19, 2009
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When your partner declines to give you anal sex and you want it so badly that you drop your hips while taking it doggie style, thereby "mouse trapping" your partner into your rectal vault.
1. "Bob wouldn't buggery me last night, so I straight up mouse trapped him."

2. "I'm planning a special evening for Bill tonight. I'm setting mouse traps right and left. He's getting mouse trapped tonight!"

3. "I'm sick of having to mouse trap all of my men."
by nastylove January 15, 2013
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(This works best while the male has some sort of explosive diarrhea) A man lies on his back with his legs wide open while a woman slowly progresses (face first, mouth open) towards his testicles. Once the woman is approximately 3 inches from the "ball-sac" the man then releases massive amounts (or whatever's in his system) of diarrhea on her face, with the intentions of shitting in her mouth. Whether the crap landed in her mouth or not doesn't matter. A successful "Mouse Trap" has been executed.
Christy was trying to suck my balls before landed in a "Mouse Trap"
by Damien July 17, 2003
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The Act of inserting A baby mouse into a womans vagina, while the man places a small piece of cheese into his urethra, then inserts his penis into the woman in hopes that the mouse "will get trapped trying to get the cheese."
Oh, baby, Im going to mousetrap you so hard.

Lets play mousetrap!
by barBEARian July 09, 2011
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A disposing container where women place used feminine products.
Don't forget to clean the mousetrap in the woman's restroom, its been a heavy month.
by benur-s November 06, 2009
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A girl who takes a fart in an aerosol can and when something smells good/pleasant the girl will spray it with her aerosol canned farts. They also fart into their friends/own ovens to smell up the house with their farts.
Girl 1: It smells in here, did someone fart?
Girl 2: Yea, some mouse trap sprayed me with fart after I spritzed myself with perfume.
Girl 1: Bummer.
by TheRedLobsta March 07, 2011
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A cat, kitty, puddy, etc., that meows, purrs, and can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
Boots, my mouse trap, caught two mice within two hours of my bringing him home.

Why buy that spring contraption that only squashes your fingers when you can get a real mouse trap--Kitty?
by Stop the Pendulum May 26, 2005
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