A way of living , motomami is the vibe of power , the liberty of being free and making bold choice. MOTOMAMI .
person one - LOOK at that girl she is soooo motomami

rosalia - motomami motomami motomai
by viviformloona April 26, 2022
Third studio album by Latin popstar Rosalia. When broken into two parts translates to "Biker-Chick".
Released in 2022.
Motomami was a game-changer for Rosalia's career.
What a great album Motomami was!
by ferg001 February 3, 2022
a motomami is a bald, tough girl that can also be really sensitive and have issues. A motomami is always a badass, she knows what she wants
by Valeriana April 4, 2022
Ok Motomami, ass up like a dummy, hit that tsunami Oh!
by imanalbatross April 16, 2022