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Generally, people who dont feel the need to be branded as fashionable, even though mosher clothes are so much better than chav clothes. Moshers usually have small badges on their bags showing their favourite bands. Moshers are not un-sociable, infact they are nice people who are really cool to hang around with and chat. Can be seen in mosh-pits headbanging (do not get into one of these if you treasure your limbs) The only people they hate are chavs, i myself despise chavs and go mental everytime i see one. retford is chav infested- dont move there!!!
(chavs walk past)
mosher 1 "hey a chav"
mosher 2 "KILL THEM!!"
(chavs fucking leg it)
by Jimmy m November 04, 2005
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Moshers: feel no need to justify themselves to others,generally loving and friendly but have a tendancy to hate chavs and townies(can ya blame em?), wear the clothes they want 2 wear, not what others percieve as fashion or "cool", like badges alot. listen to a mixture of punk,rock and metal. as they name suggests they mosh to their music and have mosh pits at concerts (dnt get involved unless u r prepared to get injured). in short moshers are the coolest people on earth and i am honord to be friends with them.
mosher 1:*hug* hey wat r u listening 2
mosher 2: slipknot, want an ear?
*listens 2 mp3 player*mosh*get dirty look from a chav*
mosher 1: god i hate chavs
mosher 2: my neck is killing me *rubs neck*shrugs*moshes more*
by Nikx October 16, 2005
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moshers are some of the most friendlyest people ever, they speak and they mean no harm unless they come across chav scum,
most people think moshers are mainly boys,but hell no.
at gigs they love to be at the front head banging/moshing.
normally baggy clothes and long ish hair.
chav1: haha look at thah mosha like person mate
chav2: he finks hes well cool innit
chav1: lets go scuff him up
chav2: o sh*t its a girl
mosher: wat the fk do u want
chav2: wats wif tha mosh flop on yer ead?
mosher: o wats that on ur neck?
group of moshas (mainly boys): oi pis* off u scum asss chavs leave her alone

chavs scram and moshers walk off
by shelley1234567 January 17, 2008
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One who partakes in the activity of moshing, that is to flail about madly and violently to the rhythm of music. The louder and faster the music, the better it is to mosh to.
My friends band didn't get through to the next round of Emergenza because a couple of people got black eyes in the mosh pit.Pshaw, they still enjoyed themselves didn't they?
by dudeman April 24, 2004
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Basically moshers are the greatest people alive, they will do anything for you, like getting you out of scrapes (i.e. being ganged up on by chavs). They wont mock your clothes, they are not dirty and they love a party. they really hate chavs (cos chavs are the scum of the earth) and chavs hate them for no reason as its usually chavs who start the trouble and their always in massive groups agaist one or two people. all my friends belong to different groups and moshers have to be the most awesome, they are true friends and will never let me or anyone else down (except for chavs, who should die!!!)As you can see i really hate chavs too after i got into trouble with a load of em.

group of 15 chavs: hey theres a mosher on his own, lets beat him half to death.

mosher on his own: for fuck sake not again!

group of 8
moshers: hey look at that dude getting the shit kicked out of him by them fuckin chavs, lets help him!!

group of 15
chavs: oh shit theres some moshers, and theres more than one of em. leg it quick!!

group of 8
moshers: you alright dude?

mosher on his own: yeah, thanks for that.

group of moshers: no problem, fancy comin to a gig with us?

mosher on his own: yeah awesome.
by Ollie Sharp October 20, 2006
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Dudes who like their music. Music tastes are usually rock/metal/punk and various types of thses three.....basically every type of music in the rock genre.
moshers like to jump and thrash to their favourite music thats the general idea. Usually dress in black/dark colours and sometimes really bright colours. moshers is more a general term for all types of rockers and its not true that in order to like the music you have to have the dress code.
Not all moshers are depressed and do self harm but there are some who do as there is in every social group. Moshers hate the in-bred townies, chavs and neds because they persecute them for liking music that can be played on a known instrument. moshers like to hang about with their friends and tend to be much happier with people they love, moshers shouldnt be forgotten because they are great people even though the violence of moshing seems to giv the wrong impression.
I'm a mosher and I get things shouted at me by the townies, and at school there are such thick people that don't know the real meaning of what a mosher is that they think i am a goth. So now this bastard calls me a 'moth' which is a cross between a mosher and a goth, but im a mosher through and through. The bastard I hate him. moshers will rule the world!!!
by mosher-a September 16, 2005
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