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Literally it means "Your fucking dead ones".

It's often used in a comical manner, but it's still a heavy insult.
"Li mortacci tua, ma che cazzo stai facendo!?"

"For your fucking dead ones's sake, what the fuck are you doing!?"
by Ministry of Swearing February 18, 2014
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An italian way used to insult dead relatives. Mostly used in the centre of Italy (Rome).
Es. "Ao Robè ma li mejo mortacci tua!"
Hey Rob, li mortacci tua
by Nagasakia March 15, 2016
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An Italian expression (the use is very common specifically in Rome) that in English means " Your fucking dead relatives". In italian it makes more sense, trust me
A: Sorry! I didn't see you, oh god my yogurt is all on your gucci shirt!
B: Li Mortacci tua! You fucking idiot!
by ItalianHoe March 3, 2019
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Romanesco dialect

It literally means: "your despicable dead relatives".
tua="your", singular

mortacci="despicable dead relatives"
It's used to express strong disapproval of someone (or something that somebody did)

variations :

"mortacci mia"=" my despicable dead relatives"
"mortacci sua"=" his/her despicable dead relatives"
"mortacci vostri"=" your despicable dead relatives", plural

Sometimes used like an element of surprise
Someone punches you: "Mortacci tua! What the fuck are you doing?"
A group of people pull a prank on you: "Mortacci vostri! You guys are assholes"
-"Have you heard? He bought a new super-car!"
-"Mortacci sua!"
by biffout September 3, 2018
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