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a person so heavily addicted to morphine that it has taken over their life completely. so much so, that they are hardly a person any longer, but more a hybrid of a human and the drug itself.

some can still speak, but it will usually not make sense. they will mostly just stare at walls and bright lights. they may focus their remaining energy on primitive things such as finger painting and crawling around on all fours.
-- i said hello to your neighbor in the hallway but he just stared at me. i think he was drooling.

-- dont worry, he doesn't talk to anyone, he's a morphling.

-- you should find a new apartment complex with less drug addicts.
by caseypandaa January 20, 2012
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N.V.AV.PN. ect....another word for god,
...the mean side of god.
morphling is out, i will die soon.
by Bob Barker May 29, 2003
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