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Typically a newcomer (aka newfag) to 4chan's /b/ board who does not appreciate or partake in the more extreme activities such as posting or viewing gore, child pornography, or nonconventional pornagraphy. Usually a moralfag opposes animal torture or pics regarding it and will do what they can to voice their opinion on it. More recently, the term has been associated with the wave of newfags to /b/ who have supported the Project Chanology movement against Scientology. Most believe in using the "power" of /b/ for good or morality.
A typical moralfag response to animal torture "Dude, there's nothing funny or cool about killing a defenseless cat. I mean, its perfectly fine to look at dead bodies of humans and stuff but not animals. Let's start a IRL campaign against animal torture cause be is totally Fight Club!"
by Anon E Mous June 21, 2008
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Person who will join a "Tasteless Jokes" page just to lurk, whinge their butthurt and report to the host's Admins so "offending" posts will be removed -- and possibly have the entire page banned. If they succeed, then they fap themselves silly...with tweezers.
"Oh, you think it's so funny posting a meme of a developmentally disabled child saying her fave animal is a carrot. You people make me sick!"

"Look, MoralFag, don't join 'OMG I'm Going to hell for Laughing at That' just to get butthurt. Get yourself a bowl of Lucky Charms and watch the cute baby animals show or something. And piss off!"
by walford July 19, 2018
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The first round of hacktivists tormented and tortured by the US government, possibly connected to the Anonymous collective.
Journalist Barrett Brown is the actual root of the term Moral Fag, and don't forget it.

Moral Fag is a very good thing, as is Barrett Brown.
by anonymousMtA March 03, 2018
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