A moralfag is a someone who's very attached to the moral value of what people are saying on the internet. He usually has an emotional temperament and will condemn any talking or behavior that seems bad according to his opinions and beliefs. He is typically this relatively new member that think he is part of the community but shit his pants when he gets out of his safe space.
There are so many moralfags out there, whining and wanting to silence our freedom of speech.
by DayumNiggaDude November 6, 2017
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Typically a newcomer (aka newfag) to 4chan's /b/ board who does not appreciate or partake in the more extreme activities such as posting or viewing gore, child pornography, or nonconventional pornagraphy. Usually a moralfag opposes animal torture or pics regarding it and will do what they can to voice their opinion on it. More recently, the term has been associated with the wave of newfags to /b/ who have supported the Project Chanology movement against Scientology. Most believe in using the "power" of /b/ for good or morality.
A typical moralfag response to animal torture "Dude, there's nothing funny or cool about killing a defenseless cat. I mean, its perfectly fine to look at dead bodies of humans and stuff but not animals. Let's start a IRL campaign against animal torture cause be is totally Fight Club!"
by Anon E Mous June 22, 2008
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Giving in to your own conscience and doing what you feel is right, even though everyone else thinks you are an idiot.
Dude, Steve moralfagged out last night and told Heather that her boyfriend is a choad and keeps cheating on her. Npow I have to deal with that shit all week because I am her friend.
by Djaudiolol October 18, 2009
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