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1. n. A blow job.
2. n. The first word of the phrase, "mop" is an acronym, literally standing for "mouth on penis." Thus, the most accurate definition of a mop job is a job involving the putting of one's mouth on another's penis, allowing for situations other then blowjob's exclusively; i.e., the job of sucking poison out of a snake bite on another's penis.
3. n. A job involving cleaning a floor using a mop.
1. "Dude! This chick bit my penis while giving me a mop job the other day! Now I have a sweet scar!"

2. "Timmy! Give me a mop job quick! This King Cobra just poisoned my pud!"

3. "I hate being a janitor. All I do is give mop jobs all day."
by Captain Hot Pocket December 04, 2008
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